• What were the keys to Hotmail's success?

    Currently the term Internet refers to digital portals such as web pages, online stores or email services , among others. This series of elements belonging to the digital field represent an ease that the user has as a use of communication.  A means of connection that allows establishing long distance connections and the receipt and sending of information through the cloud.

    It is the current society, which maintains a characteristic of constant changes and transformations at all levels due to the existence of different technologies, where there are tools that stand out from each other one above the other.

    However, there is one that despite the technological changes offered by the world, manages to maintain itself due to its natural character , motivated by the direction and functionality offered by the user. Its particular aestheticity makes this digital tool a modern communication bridge , this tool is Email .

    What is known about Hotmail?

    Windows Live Hotmail, formerly MSN Hotmail, known worldwide as Hotmail consists of an email service free of charge and that is web-based and operated by the Microsoft company that is part of the Windows Live group.

    It was founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia and started operating in mid-1996 as HoTMail, financed at that time by the Draper Fisher Jurvetson company.

    He is one of the pioneers of the web-based email service and was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 .

    Email as a communication tool

    What were the keys to Hotmail's success?

    The internet is composed of a host of elements that help you meet your computing goal , among them you can mention the email ; This fulfills the main functions of traditional mail , which defines it as a message exchange service through communication systems , and with the difference that it is a tool that uses digital complements to function.

    The email arises from the need that the user has to share personal or professional information with their closest agents and in order to provide a channel for transmitting this information between two or more users.

    Hotmail login a successful option

    Knowing the importance of this service within the modern and digital era, it is important to take into account the quality, reliability and good service that must have that platform where the user decides to open their account. That is why, faced with the diversity of offers, one of the best options is Hotmail ; since as a service provider, it has some very important elements , among which the following are mentioned:

    It offers a great facility to open or access an account ; with a quick entry time, maintaining a reliable and high level of security for users, and the information contained in each of the accounts.

    Its platform is complete , expressing a complete and clear information content in its access window, which allows the user to manage all the information they need to start.

    Allows the personalization of each account ; based on the freedom of use that the owner has, what sets it apart from other mail services .

    The digital account maintains a codification that creates automatic responses , in addition it allows to change profile photo, security password, background theme and to choose the personal characteristics for each account.

    It provides a detailed record where each of the emails can be archived to the administrator's selection of the account .

    It is a free service with a full margin that covers most of the user's needs, even of a professional nature .

    Another key to success that Hotmail has shown is the importance of maintaining a current format within their platforms , with additions such as MSN , in addition to the constant change in design, file upload speed, inbox update, auto-save , establishment of priority trays for messages, and the last update was the migration to a platform called Outlook , in addition to integrating new services such as Skype, Contacts, Calendars, One Drive and even Office programs .

    Finally, all these qualities and characteristics make this digital platform one of the most successful worldwide and since its creation in 1996 it represents one of the highest quality and reliability services . What generates in those who are users of it feel comfort in the handling of a fresh, innovative and comfortable design to use it .

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