• Create a Hotmail account with just a few simple steps, you will own a mailbox Microsoft security features very high, it is the same as other Email accounts such as Google or Yahoo. Registering a Hotmail account is free and easy.

    Hotmail is a great service to receive and send emails instantly. With your Hotmail account you can use all Microsoft services like Xbox LIVE, OneDrive and other Microsoft services.

    Hotmail Sign up

    Guide to creating a Hotmail account

    Step 1: Visit the Hotmail website: www.hotmail.com.

    There you will have 2 options to sign in, or sign up with Windows Live and Hotmail. If you already have a Hotmail account, all you have to do is login. If you do not have a Hotmail account, click on the Create account button.

    Click Create account button

    Step 2: Choose your username and password.

    Create your username. Enter the username you want to use, and make sure it is not already in use.

    Note: You can use your existing email address if you want (Gmail or Yahoo Mail, …), but you can also use the new email address by selecting Get a new email address. Then enter the account name, select email type is @hotmail.com or @outlook.com.

    Also, if you don’t want to use your email address and want to use your phone number to sign up, select Use a phone number instead. Then select the country where you live and enter the phone number you are using.

    Create a password. Use at least 8 characters, case sensitive and number for maximum security. To create a strong password, use all 16 characters and include at least one capital letter, as well as a number and special characters.

    Step 3: Enter your first and last name. Select “Next“.

    Enter First Name and Last Name

    Step 4: Select your country and date of birth. Select the country where you live (United States) and choose your birth date.

    Step 5: Verify your account. At this point, Hotmail login  will send you a verification email if you register via email, or send a verification code to your phone number if you register by phone.

    The verification code is 4 digits, enter the verification code and click “Next“.

    Enter the verification code

    Step 6: Make sure you are NOT a robot. In this step, Hotmail will ask you to enter a Captcha code to verify that you aren’t a robot. You have to enter exactly what you see, if not clearly, select New to get the new code or select Audio to hear that code.

    Make sure a real person is creating this account

    Step 7: Customize the display interface. So you have finished registering Hotmail account, there will be a Hotmail welcome popup appear.

    Here you can choose the Language, Time zone, Color, Wallpaper with over 50 themes and different display options.

    Select your Language and Time zone.

    Select Wallpaper and Themes

    Finally, you can edit signatures, create signatures in Hotmail, help you show professionalism in sending emails on your Hotmail account. You can use Hotmail signatures as text or images to introduce yourself as well as contact information so that recipients know more about you.

    Add your signature

    You have created your hotmail account, to access hotmail you go to https://login.live.com/ and log in hotmail account name and password just created. After logging in you can go to Basic info to view the account information, or can edit personal information.

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  • New form of Hotmail permits connection of up to 50 MB and 200 connections for every email, 400 times higher than Gmail. 

    Microsoft has revealed the Hotmail Wave 4 rendition of its email benefit. Expected, this variant will be propelled open beta trial in July this year. 

    Hotmail Wave 4 includes various new highlights that are as yet the quality of its own Gmail, Google's email benefit, for example, the "sticky" email as an exchange, propelled look box with different choices. To a great degree extensive capacity or live perspectives, pictures, video, or connections in the letter drop ... Catches are likewise improved and supplanted as connections. 

    The most prevalent component of Hotmail Wave 4 is the capacity to alter and alter Microsoft Office records specifically in email. Clients can answer to messages with the connection they simply altered. 


    On the off chance that you would prefer not to see the flag advertisements via the post office window, clients need to spend $ 19.95 every year to purchase a Hotmail Plus record. 

    Up until this point, Hotmail is as yet one of the "stunning" triumphs in the Internet world. It was conceived in 1996 and isn't the primary webmail benefit, yet Hotmail's benevolent and solid interface has pulled in clients everywhere throughout the world and after that procured by Microsoft in the year. 1997 for $ 400 million. 

    Today, Hotmail is as yet the world's most prominent email benefit (with in excess of 400 million clients) however in the US it is second just to Yahoo Mail and is as a rule intently pursued by Gmail. 

    The new highlights added to Hotmail login  are the innovation that will make Gmail amazingly stressed: 

    - Hotmail will likewise consequently amass the messages of a similar sender and frame a discourse box to help the proprietor of the letter box effortlessly track the advancement of the trade. This is Hotmail "learning" Gmail, however Microsoft has enhanced a bit by the capacity to enable clients to turn it on or off as default as in Gmail. 

    - Hotmail permits connections up to 50 MB, twofold the span of Gmail. 

    - Each email in Hotmail is permitted to join a record survey to 10 GB, 400 times higher than the breaking point of Gmail (that can connect up to 200 documents, each document is 50 MB). 

    - Hotmail claims bolster for every single versatile program and self-synchronization among letter boxes and portable. 

    - Users can see and alter connections in Hotmail similarly as they are dealing with a Microsoft Office record. 

    - Hotmail enables clients to answer to messages with the connections they have altered, without beginning new messages and join new ones.

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  • Forgot the login password of your Hotmail account? Here we will introduce 3 free Hotmail password hacker software and online programs and how you now to hack Hotmail account.

    No. 1: glitchez.com/emailhack/ - Hotmail Account Hacker Online

    glitchez.com/emailhack/ is an online program that is developed for email account hacking. It can be used for Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and Outlook account. It is very easy to use it. You just need to copy the URL above to any browser and click Enter. Then you will see the following interface. You can enter your victim's Email account and specify the email type and then click on "Crack Password!" button.

    This online program is free but the found password is hidden, and you need to complete a survey to get the password. Besides, the times to use this program each day is limited as well. Never overuse it!

    hotmail account hacker online


    No. 2: Hotmail Account Hacker 3.9.1

    Hotmail Account Hacker 3.9.1 is a free application released on September 24, 2013. It is about 0.39MB and is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows Vista. There are clear instructions on its interface showing you how to hack a victim's Hotmail account. You just need to type your Hotmail account and click on "Recover Password" button. Although its UI seems a little out of date, it is easy to understand. Make sure that the account that you type is complete and correct.

    hotmail account hacker software


    No.3: Hotmail Account Password Hacker Z-1+ Beta

    This Hotmail account hacker software allows you to find all the missing, forgotten or hacked Hotmail, MSN and Outlook passwords. Its interface is not as simple as above two programs. But we still can understand within more time. In conclusion, we can divide its UI into two parts. You can completely leave alone the left panel. As for the right part, enter your victim hotmail account in the first box. To make it easier and faster to get back the password, you can enter the name that you used to register the email. Then type several email address that is used to receive the found password. At last, hit on "Start Hack Process". You can stop the process anytime.

    free hotmail password hacker

    The biggest highlight of free email hacker is free of charge. But to some extent, they have sorts of limits or shortcomings. For example, you may need to complete a survey; it has limits in times that you can use, etc. Hence, from my personal perspective, I prefer the paid software. First, I only need a few pennies but I can get lifelong hacker software, and I can use it as many times as I can. Second, I can enjoy its free update forever. Third, many of them can be used not only on Hotmail account but also Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows password and so on. Among these programs, Password Recovery Bundle is most outstanding. It supports up to 22 kinds of passwords. Click here to learn more.

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  • Hotmail is one of the simple couple of most seasoned webmails on the planet giving free email benefit that is as yet favored today. 

    Propelled from the 1995, overlooking the advancement and prevalence of other focused email administrations, for example, Gmail, so far Hotmail has had more than 300 million clients around the globe, and end up a standout amongst the most prominent email benefits in Brazil with in excess of 47 million enrolled accounts. 



    At present Hotmail login has been incorporated some business benefits by Microsoft, for example, MSN Messenger, Live Messenger, Outlook … including a considerable measure of new highlights and utilities to suit the clients. 

    Sign in Hotmail by means of Outlook 

    Presently Hotmail's webmail administrations have generally been supplanted with Outlook, in this way, in the event that you need to sign in Hotmail, you can likewise get to by means of Outlook. 

    Truth be told, Hotmail has more than 20 years old, and is one of the main sites in giving free email administrations. Clients who are as yet utilizing administrations given by Hotmail can even now keep on signing in Hotmail by means of the location "@hotmail.com". Generally clients can sign in hotmail by means of Outlook account. 

    To sign in Hotmail by means of Outlook, clients can continue in a few different ways. You can straightforwardly access to the landing page of Outlook, or go to an internet searcher like Google or Bing and look for Outlook. Clients should take note of that, on the off chance that you don't have a Hotmail account under the individual possession, you won't have the capacity to sign in Hotmail. For this situation, clients need to get to the enlistment page of Hotmail, tap on the choices accessible with the end goal of login field. 


    Truth be told, the information utilized for Hotmail login by means of Outlook isn't vastly different contrasted and the typical Hotmail login. Clients just look for Outlook on the web indexes, or basically go directly to the web address, enter the data of record name and secret phrase that you generally use for your Hotmail login in the correct corner of Outlook landing page. Keep in mind to utilize the additions for your Hotmail address @hotmail.com. 


    In the wake of entering your entire login information in Outlook (Hotmail) the interface will naturally go to your own page, and you can utilize any of the administrations of Hotmail, Outlook, or even Microsoft which are totally complimentary. 

    Reestablishing Hotmail secret phrase 

    At times for reasons unknown, clients may overlook the secret word to sign in Hotmail. Provided that this is true, don't be excessively stressed, in light of the fact that you can totally recuperate the enlisted secret phrase by a couple of basic activities. 

    Initially, visit the Hotmail's landing page to test. On the off chance that you can not sign in Hotmail, click "Unfit to get to the record". 


    At that point you will be coordinated to a page to declare the reason for the issue. It would be ideal if you fill in the data fields accurately. Next you will be sent a secret word recuperation code to use for the following occasions of Hotmail login. You can get the code by means of email or telephone number. 

    Thus you can reset the secret word for your Hotmail account.

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  • Currently the term Internet refers to digital portals such as web pages, online stores or email services , among others. This series of elements belonging to the digital field represent an ease that the user has as a use of communication.  A means of connection that allows establishing long distance connections and the receipt and sending of information through the cloud.

    It is the current society, which maintains a characteristic of constant changes and transformations at all levels due to the existence of different technologies, where there are tools that stand out from each other one above the other.

    However, there is one that despite the technological changes offered by the world, manages to maintain itself due to its natural character , motivated by the direction and functionality offered by the user. Its particular aestheticity makes this digital tool a modern communication bridge , this tool is Email .

    What is known about Hotmail?

    Windows Live Hotmail, formerly MSN Hotmail, known worldwide as Hotmail consists of an email service free of charge and that is web-based and operated by the Microsoft company that is part of the Windows Live group.

    It was founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia and started operating in mid-1996 as HoTMail, financed at that time by the Draper Fisher Jurvetson company.

    He is one of the pioneers of the web-based email service and was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 .

    Email as a communication tool

    What were the keys to Hotmail's success?

    The internet is composed of a host of elements that help you meet your computing goal , among them you can mention the email ; This fulfills the main functions of traditional mail , which defines it as a message exchange service through communication systems , and with the difference that it is a tool that uses digital complements to function.

    The email arises from the need that the user has to share personal or professional information with their closest agents and in order to provide a channel for transmitting this information between two or more users.

    Hotmail login a successful option

    Knowing the importance of this service within the modern and digital era, it is important to take into account the quality, reliability and good service that must have that platform where the user decides to open their account. That is why, faced with the diversity of offers, one of the best options is Hotmail ; since as a service provider, it has some very important elements , among which the following are mentioned:

    It offers a great facility to open or access an account ; with a quick entry time, maintaining a reliable and high level of security for users, and the information contained in each of the accounts.

    Its platform is complete , expressing a complete and clear information content in its access window, which allows the user to manage all the information they need to start.

    Allows the personalization of each account ; based on the freedom of use that the owner has, what sets it apart from other mail services .

    The digital account maintains a codification that creates automatic responses , in addition it allows to change profile photo, security password, background theme and to choose the personal characteristics for each account.

    It provides a detailed record where each of the emails can be archived to the administrator's selection of the account .

    It is a free service with a full margin that covers most of the user's needs, even of a professional nature .

    Another key to success that Hotmail has shown is the importance of maintaining a current format within their platforms , with additions such as MSN , in addition to the constant change in design, file upload speed, inbox update, auto-save , establishment of priority trays for messages, and the last update was the migration to a platform called Outlook , in addition to integrating new services such as Skype, Contacts, Calendars, One Drive and even Office programs .

    Finally, all these qualities and characteristics make this digital platform one of the most successful worldwide and since its creation in 1996 it represents one of the highest quality and reliability services . What generates in those who are users of it feel comfort in the handling of a fresh, innovative and comfortable design to use it .

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